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This made me so happy
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This sums up my theory all in one picture !! … #Obsessed #Aliens #Pyramids #EgyptianAliens #Spaceships #orgasm lmao #yaaasss
Let me tell you a little story.. One that many of you don’t know and a reminder of those who forgot..

It was the beginning of sophomore year of high school and there she comes walking in late to math class. She wasn’t like any of the girls I’ve seen before.. She was wearing dark colors and had painted all her nails with different bright colors.. On this day of class we were learning about fractions. Funny kus till this day I have no idea how to do fractions.. But she decides to sit next to me and after talking to her and getting to know her.. Days passed and she let me copy her homework’s and even her test sometimes.. She was so freaking smart but crazy lol .. She Introduced me to the world of art and how passionate I was to it.. She thought me so much.. And now I feel dumb and like I can’t learn anymore without her.. She was my other half.. My best friend.. I miss you so much Edith .. Today is the 6th anniversary since you left.. But it’s ohkay because you went on to the next level and I know you would be proud of all my accomplishments.. Once we see each other again, I owe you an amazing camping trip … Rest in Paradise my little angel.. 
07.15.91 - 09.10.08

Me as a mother


Ugh I hate how relatable this is !


a welsh tradition I think needs to come back is guys spending ages carving a spoon with all these designs and shit on it and giving it to the girl he wants to date how cute is that


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Happy bday to this little girl.. She’s turning 22 today .. She was more than my best friend .. That’s my lil sister .. Hope she’s having an amazing bday! #TurnUp #HappySaturday #HappyBday @bajan_princessjazmyn